WindAcoustics  UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

Technical translations in a wide range of subjects

Our translators hold at least an engineering degree and translate only between the languages German and English, in a wide range of subjects. Those include classical mechanical engineering, plant engineering, the automotive industry, the energy industry, the software industry, medical technology, the chemical industry, and science. Translations of patents and sets of claims, manuals and operating instructions, handbooks, technical documentations, assembly instructions, and websites as well as the localization of software are part of our daily work. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or regarding your project (contact). We will get back to you with a quote and an estimated delivery date as soon as possible. Feel free to also contact us with express orders at any time.

Qualifications: Engineering degree, experience, native speaker

All our translators only work in their native language and a working language. They are fluent in the spoken and written word and are familiar with the respective cultures, having lived in both countries for years. Fulfilling our high requirements on technical translations is possible only by using experienced native speakers with this technical and cultural background. We only employ experts with multiple years of experience in technical translations and a minimum requirement of having translated more than 1000 patents or sets of patent claims.

Individual service

We strive to stay in close contact with our customers. No translation resembles another, and no two customers are comparable. Each document has its tone of voice, its degree of difficulty, and its own format; each customer has specific requirements and preferences. In each translation, we take into account the specific customer's requirements and formatting instructions, which has proven to be most productive combined with close interaction with the customer by an individually assigned project manager, who remains the same between translations and projects. Do not hesitate to contact us and give it a try (contact).

Terminology management

The quality of technical translations depends on the usage of the correct terminology. This includes the technical terms of the specific area as well as customer-specific terminology requirements, providing a harmonization of texts and promoting the respective corporate identity. We ensure a constant use of terminology if necessary, by keeping customer specific glossaries and lists of terminology, which enables us to use them as reference means for new translations.