WindAcoustics  UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

Auditory-Adapted Acoustics and Audio-Signal Processing

Based on our extensive technical/scientific background, we work on all questions related to sound and its processing. Thereby, a special focus lies on audible sound and audio communication, where we always aim at taking an auditory-oriented perspective.

This approach has been proven instrumental in numerous applications and is justified, as the human ear functions as the unchangeable final receiver to all possible audio-communication scenarios. Our detailed knowledge on the normal and impaired auditory system helps us find the optimal compromise for our solutions, taking into account the specific audience.

Contract Research and Development

Driven by our vast interest in all acoustical circumstances, we happily offer our expertise to support you in your research and development projects, or to plan and conduct them for you. In all phases of research and development projects, from the application to the report, we have collected extensive experience, which we will gladly use on your project. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us even in an early project or planning stage, in order to early discuss a possible cooperation. We look forward to speaking with you about all the possibilities and how to facilitate your plans.

Basic Research

In close cooperation with different universities, we work on basic research questions in acoustics, audio-signal processing, and audiology. We are convinced it is only by these research activities that we can make sure we work theoretically and methodically with the latest findings and methods. It would be our pleasure to hear from you, if you are interested in cooperating with us. We are looking forward to discussing possible common interests and ways of cooperating with you.