WindAcoustics  UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

Technical and Scientific Trainings

In our areas of expertise, we offer trainings, talks, and professional-development events in German and English. Our experience especially covers the following areas, theoretically as well as with regard to applications (for an overview of our specialties please note our publications):

Even if your actual problem is not listed here, do not hesitate to contact. We will then determine to what extent we are able to provide a meaningful training, support you setting up the concept for an appropriate professional-development event, and conduct the event for you. As we flexibly adapt our packets to different needs, we will certainly find the appropriate solution for your scenario. Let us talk about it.

Software Trainings

Of course we conduct trainings and introductory courses at different levels for our own and other thematically adjacent software products. To submit a request, please contact us, so that we can find the appropriate scope together and schedule time and location for the event (contact).

Hearing-Loss Prevention: Information

In our scientific and consulting work, we are often met with alarming ignorance regarding the typically irreversible (untreatable!) consequences of excessive noise exposure. For that reason, we offer information events for hearing-loss prevention with impressive and age-appropriate demonstrations for kids, teenagers, and adults. Especially kids and teens should, in the age of personal-entertainment devices (wearable audio players, smartphones, etc.), receive information as early and extensive as possible. If you are interested for your group to hold an informational event, we would appreciate your call. We will, in cooperation with you or for you, determine the appropriate scope, plan, and hold the event (contact).